Sanibel Island Beaches
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Sanibel beaches are some of the most beautiful in the world with great shelling, fishing, beachcombing, and sunbathing all readily available. There are 4 type of beach access points on Sanibel Island. They are A permit, B permit, C permit, and public. The following is a breakdown and review of each of the beaches. Before going to any of these links you might want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and look at the signs to know section.


A Permit Beach Access - An A permit sticker is only available to residents of Sanibel Island. We just skim over these beaches du e to this fact.


B permit Beach Access - A B permit may be purchased from the city. This permit allows parking at the public lots without having to pay (with a couple exceptions) and also allows its owner to park at some other Sanibel beaches that are reserved only for A/B permits. Here we list the beaches for which a B permit is valid and review each of them.


C Permit Beach Access - Sanibel has created a C permit. Two of the public lots and the boat ramp make you pay even with an A or B permit unless you have a C. This permit cost $80.00 for residents and non-residents. Here are those beaches and the boat ramp reviews.


Public Beach Access - These are the parking access lots on Sanibel where anyone that wants to pay the $2.00 an hour is able to park. Here are all of those beaches along with their reviews.


Free Beach Parking - Are you serious ?!?! The only place to get to park for free is before you hit Sanibel. The Causeway parking is very nice though if you wanted to save money. Find out all about the Sanibel Causeway here.


Printable table of all beaches showing amenities



Signs to Know


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sanibel island shelling The taking of live seashells on Sanibel is prohibited.   A live seashell is one that still has the actual mollusk inside.  The taking of any seashells without the animal inside is allowed.
sanibel island shelling The public lots require a fee of $.75 an hour. A B permit might exempt you from this fee.NOTE-  This has just been increased to $2.00 an hour
sanibel island shelling This is a sign reminding you to display your coupon on your dashboard after paying to avoid getting a ticket
sanibel island shelling This is the AB parking sign.  When you see this sign it means you must have an AB permit in order to park there
sanibel island shelling


This is the A permit sign.  These spots are reserved for residents of Sanibel only
sanibel island shelling This is the sign to let you know you need a C permit.  It is for the boat ramp and Algiers parking lots.
sanibel island shelling Parking at the beach access overnight is prohibited
sanibel island shelling Dogs are welcome on Sanibel beaches although there is a leash and pooper scooper law!