AB parking permit lots Sanibel Florida

AB permit parking lots Sanibel Island

Nerita – Beach – Fulgur – Donax

We have grouped these 4 lots together as they are all within a 1/2 mile of each other and are all similar in their attributes. They all offer around 7-10 parking spaces with a couple of handicapped spots at each. They provide easy access to the gulf where shelling and sunbathing are real popular. There is virtual no shade available so if sensitive to the sun be sure to pack an umbrella. Fishing is not so great in this area, although you can usually spot a dolphin or two playing in the gulf.

Fulgar beach parking sanibel
Fulgar Beach Parking Sanibel
Nerita beach parking Sanibel
Nerita parking lot Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island Florida beach access ramp
Ramps like this are provided at these lots for easy access to the beach and little pain on the feet from sandspurs (prickers)
Sanibel Island beach wash line of shells
Plenty of wide open beach to enjoy here! Notice the tideline wash along the beach. These are usually great for hunting seashells