C permit parking Sanibel Island

C Permit parking Sanibel Island

C Permit

A C permit allows you to park at the Sanibel boat ramp and Algiers (Gulfside city park) parking lots without having to pay. These are the only 2 areas that a C permit is needed however that is also the only permit that will work  in these 2.  Frankly, unless you have a boat, or love Algiers beach that you choose to go there often, I would choose to pay the $5.00 an hour rate rather then $90.00 for a C permit.  For a boat you don’t have any real options but you can get to the Algiers beach area by parking at the Tarpon bay lot with a B permit and walking East towards the lighthouse.  It is a decent walk but is an option.

Boat ramp
Algiers (Gulfside City Park)

There used to be another C permit lot across from the boat ramp access (to the right of the Causeway as you come on island).  This lot appears to have disappeared when they built the new causeway beginning in 2004.  It looks like the trucks used for construction used this are to park and stage things and then when the new causeway was completed in 2007 they never replaced it.  Below are some photos of this old parking lot for any nostalgia seeking people out there

Old Causeway parking lot
A large parking lot with plenty of spots (22 plus handicapped).  Remember this is no longer there so don’t try and find it
Causeway parking lot
The old eliminated Sanibel Causeway parking lot

This is how far the old lot was from the Bay