Blind Pass

Blind Pass Sanibel

Blind Pass Beach

Review-If you are looking to gather some seashells, catch some fish, relax in the sun, walk along the beach, watch the sunset, etc.., you cannot beat Blind Pass.  Blind Pass  is the small waterway that separates Sanibel and Captiva islands.One of the few spots with access to both the bay side and gulf side of the island it really has it all.  Many times on the bay side under the bridge you can spot some manatees enjoying the area too. When the fishing is really good, the area under and around the bridge can be a little crowded with people trying to hook the next monster snook or shark.   If looking for a little more privacy without all the crowds, try walking towards the East (lighthouse) end of the island from here. Bowmans beach is the next public beach access and it is 2 miles down. The area in between is usually very quiet if you don’t mind the little hike to get there.  Actually, as of about 20 years ago this area was known as Sanibel’s nude beach. Clam Bayou used to empty into the Gulf about .5 to .75 miles down from Blind pass. This made the area across this pass very isolated and a nice walk to get to from Bowmans beach. Many nudist discovered this and made the most of it.  Once Clam bayou’s water flow into the gulf stopped and people could walk across, it put an end to the “nudist” beach. The pass has been opened or closed numerous times over the last 30 years by storms or dredging projects.  It currently is open so the fishing is great here. Snook, sheepshead, redfish, sharks, and more can be caught.  Remember, like all Sanibel Public Beaches, there is a $5.00 an hour parking fee unless you have a permit.

Parking– 27 tight parking spots, handicap

Restrooms–Only on Captiva side at Turner each

Other amenities-Beautiful Sunsets!  Mini market nearby for snacks

Insider tip-Be sure to arrive early.  The beach parking access here is limited and fills up quick.  Also if going to watch the sunset make sure to arrive early for parking as many people go here before heading out to dinner

blind pass bridge
Blind Pass bridge separating Sanibel and Captiva
Sanibel Beach
Lots of beach to shell or sun
Low tide shelling Sanibel
Low tide exposes many great areas to find seashells
Blind pass Sanibel fishing from bridge
Good fishing from the bridge. Especially for snook at night
Blind Pass Sanibel parking
Parking lot at Blind Pass