Bowmans beach Sanibel Island

Bowman’s Beach

Review– With the largest beach parking lot on Sanibel and more amenities than most, Bowman’s beach is one of the best.  Many come to the beach to watch the sunset. If you have trouble walking or are handicapped be warned it is a short stroll to the beach (about .25 miles) from the parking lot but a nice walk as you cross over a foot bridge the spans Clam Bayous.  There is a great kayak or canoe launch site with a dock and hose to rinse off when done for the day. Isolated on each side by residential neighborhoods so not many can walk here from their hotels and need to drive.  This mean when shelling is good there can be a lot less competition here than other beaches.

Parking– 214 spots, 7 Handicap, RV/oversize parking

Restrooms– Yes and outdoor showers

Vending– Vending Machines

Other amenities-Grills, Picnic tables, Nature Trail, Kids playground, Kayak/Canoe Launch

INSIDER TIP– The beach will seem crowded as you walk down path but people seem to congregate by the access point.  If you want to be more private just a short stroll down the beach is all you need. Actually the beach from Bowman’s towards Blind Pass used to be known as the Nude beach on Sanibel and naked sunbathers would regularly head there for the isolation.  They could see people coming from the Bowmans beach side and there used to be a pass where Clam Bayous let out to the Gulf that prevented people from walking down the beach from Blind Pass to surprise them.  This practice stopped years ago as Clam bayous pass filled in and no longer separated Bowman’s from Blind Pass