Sanibel Boat Ramp

The Sanibel Boat Ramp

The Sanibel Boat ramp also serves as a public parking lot . It cost $5.00 an hour or is free if you buy a C permit. There is plenty of parking available for both trailers and cars. The ramp is real wide so allows for a “novice” to trailer and launch their boat fairly easily. Just please watch the tide. On a full moon or new moon low tide the ramp can get pretty low. I have seen quite a few cars (myself included) get stuck trying to launch on these tides. Before attempting to launch, if you don’t know the tide schedule, just take a quick walk down the ramp to check how low it is. It could save some headaches! The boat ramp on the mainland side of the causeway (Punta Rassa) gets EXTREMELY heavy boat traffic and fills up fast, so Sanibel’s ramp is worth it. There is a little stretch of beach to walk along. One thing to take note of is that there is almost always bait around the docks if you are good with a cast net and can manage to avoid all the rocks.

Sanibel boat ramp parking lot

This shot shows that there is plenty of parking for all

Sanibel Boat ramp view

Sometimes seaweed can get pretty thick at the waterline so watch your step. It can be awfully slippery

Sanibel boating

Watch the tide when launching

Sanibels wide boat ramp

The ramp is real wide to ease tailoring

Sanibel ramp

The view from the end of the ramp out into San Carlos Bay


INSIDER TIP-  If looking to beach access to the bay this is the spot.  From this parking lot it is only about a 1/4 mile walk to Bailey rd beach access 
which is only for holders of an A or B permit