B permit
There are a number of beach parking areas that are reserved only to A/B permits. While most will not be able to purchase an A permit (see here) a B permit may be purchased at the Sanibel Police Department during working hours. The cost of this permit is $10.00 for a non-resident property owner or $80.00 for all others. If you are visiting Sanibel for more than a day or two, or plan on doing a lot of "beach hopping", this might be a good purchase. It not only opens up the following A/B permit beaches for you but also allows you to park at the following public lots without having to pay. Please note---this is not ALL of the Public Lots, just the ones you can park at with a B permit for free. To see all the public lots go here - Public Lots


Permit Only Lots:
Bailey Rd
Dixie Beach Blvd.
Beach Rd
Nerita St
Donax St
Fulgur St.




Public Pay Lots (but free with B permit)
Blind Pass
Bowmans Beach
Tarpon Bay