Getting around Sanibel by bike or your feet
As stated earlier, try to avoid driving on Sanibel between 9-10:30 AM and 3-6:30 PM. If you had to choose between the two, it is a lot worse leaving the island at the end of the day than entering in the morning. There are two main roads that run parallel to each other; Periwinkle Way and the Gulf Drives. In addition to these 2 roads there are 7 more streets you should become acquainted. If you learn these main streets you will be in great shape when you visit Sanibel.


Periwinkle Way This is the main business section of Sanibel.  It runs from the East end of the island at the lighthouse and ends at Tarpon Bay road.  As you enter the island, if you make a right or left at the 4-way stop sign you are on Periwinkle.  A left would eventually dead end at the Sanibel Lighthouse and a right would take you 3 and 1/2 miles down where Periwinkle meets Tarpon Bay Road. It for the most part runs right down the center of the island.
The Gulf Drives This road is divided into 3 sections.  East, Middle, and West Gulf Drives.  It zig-zags along the Gulf and is home to many of the islands hotels and motels.  It runs parallel to Periwinkle, although extends further west then Periwinkle to a couple miles past Rabbit road.  
Lindgren This is the road that you enter the island on.  If you go straight through the 4-way stop sign as you enter the island you are on Lindgren.  It connects Periwinkle with East Gulf Drive.  
Donax This road runs between Periwinkle way and Gulf Drive. 
Casa Ybel This road runs from Periwinkle way and actually turns into Middle Gulf Drive.  
Tarpon Bay This road is located at one end of Periwinkle.  It connects West Gulf, Periwinkle way, and Sanibel Captiva rd.
Rabbit road This road  connects Sanibel Captiva rd to West gulf dr. It is the last turn off West Gulf dr before it dead ends. 
Sanibel-Captiva road This road runs from Tarpon bay Rd all the way up to Captiva Island.  It is 7 miles long. 
Fitzhugh st Fitzhugh is a tiny little street that is located about 1 mile down Periwinkle Way after making a right from the Causeway.  Is it a good street to learn because it is home to one of the world's largest seashell dealers Sanibel Seashell Industries.  As soon as you turn onto Fitzhugh you will see a big white  building with blue shutters on your left.  This is home to their store.  No trip to Sanibel would be complete without a visit here.  Don't get fooled into purchasing seashells at other gift stores on the island.  This is the place with the best inventory, prices, and  variety.