Surf Fishing on Sanibel Island

Surf Fishing on Sanibel Island Florida

Fishing from anywhere along Sanibels beaches can be productive. In the late spring and summer monster snook can be caught along with tarpon and sharks.  Talk about a battle.  Try landing a 100 pound tarpon off the beach!  If fishing with kids and just want to make sure they catch something, a little piece of squid thrown out on a hook will get a big catfish.  While not fun to get off the hook they are very abundant and a smelly piece of squid will surely bring the bite from one.  Use bait with a sinker based on the current tidal flow or cast and retrieve a  jig to cover more of an area usually works for fish along the surf.  Be careful not to overcast from the shore.  Most of the fish will sit in the gully that forms between the shoreline and the first sandbar.  You will see a lot of people wade out far and then cast out.  9 times out of 10 they are overcasting the fish and it is not necessary