Traffic-Sanibel Islands peak traffic times


Sanibel has NO traffic lights.  At the  main traffic areas in season, like the causeway or Casa Ybel and Periwinkle intersection, there will be a traffic officer directing to help move people along.  Trying to make a left hand turn or get off the island to the main land between the hours of 3-6 in season be prepared to wait.  Your best bet is to try and travel before or after this peak time.  Though not as bad as exiting the islands at the end of the day, getting to the islands after about 8:30 until 11:00 in the morning can be heavy also.   During a good 3 -4 month period in winter, if you are on the roads between 3-6 leaving or 8:30-11 coming on the island, that you will be sitting in stopped traffic.  The best way to avoid Sanibel’s infamous traffic is to get to the island early and stay late.  You are usually OK traveling around the island from a couple weeks after Easter until Christmas week but from Christmas week until Easter it WILL be backed up.  There is a site at that links to the cities live traffic cameras set up around the island and also shows a current map with how slow cars are moving around the island.  I guess traffic is part of visiting such a tropical paradise as Sanibel Island