Table of all the Beaches- for printing
Provided by:
Sanibel Seashell Industries
905 Fitzhugh St
Sanibel Fl. 33957


Beach Name A/B Permit Only Pay Lots Pay Lots Free with B permit Bathroom Showers Picnic Tables Grills Proximity to concessions (as you can see no beaches are real close-  Some resorts along the beach do have places for food and drink though that might be closer then this)
Blind Pass   X X X       1/4 mile
Bowmans   X X X X X X over 2 miles
Tarpon Bay   X X X       3/4 mile
Algiers   X   X   X   over 2 miles
Fulgur X             over 2 miles
Donax X             over 2 miles
Nerita X             over 2 miles
Beach X             over 2 miles
Dixie Beach X             1 1/2 miles
Bailey Rd X             1 mile
Causeway Lot   X       X   1 mile
The Sanibel Causeway       X   X X over 2 miles
Lighthouse   X X X       3/4 mile
Boat Ramp   X           1 mile