About Sanibel Island

About Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is a barrier island just off the southwest coast of Florida by Fort Myers. It is located within Lee County but in 1974 became incorporated. Sanibel Island is about a forty-five minute car ride from Southwest Florida International Airport. Directions to Sanibel can be found here. There is a causeway road that leads onto the island with a toll of $6.00

Sanibel Island is about 12 miles long and 4 miles wide. Sanibel is known around the world for it’s fabulous shelling beaches. Due to Sanibel Island’s unique geographical orientation, lying East to West instead of North to South, it acts as a scoop and gathers seashells along it’s beaches. Throughout the year, thousands of visitors come to enjoy Sanibel’s beaches and hunt for that special seashell.

Sanibel’s population is around 6000 people, however these numbers can quadruple during the winter when it is Sanibel Island’s prime tourist season. With an average temperature of around 75 degrees, it is easy to see why Sanibel gets many so called “snowbirds” (tourists from the north that come to Sanibel to escape the cold weather)

While Sanibel Island is a wildlife refuge in and of itself, over 60% of the island is actually protected wildlife preserves. The island also is home to the Sanibel School, a K-8 grade A rated school.

There are over 26 miles of bike trails and over 17 miles of beautiful beaches.

A trip to Sanibel Island would not be complete without a visit to one of the world’s largest seashell dealers Sanibel Seashell Industries. A map their location can be found here. Also you can visit their website for all your seashell needs here www.seashells.com

To find out more about Sanibel Island, from its formation and early inhabitants, to piracy and incorporation, please explore this section.