Sanibel real talk on beach conditions

Filed in Sanibel Red Tide, Uncategorized by on September 2, 2018

Ok so here is the story as of today.  After checking all the different beaches each day this week there is some good to go with the bad.  The bad is, yes, we still have red tide around.  Now for the good.  Some of the beaches have no traces of it.  The biggest problem is this seems to change every day and tide based on the winds.  One day Bowmans beach will be great and the next you might start coughing and see a dead fish or 20 washed in.  The best advice we can give is check the weather and winds.  Try and hit a beach that the winds are not blowing into and your beach day should be just like it used to be.  If you go to the Lighthouse and conditions are bad, head up towards Blind Pass or visa versa.  It has been very rare to see beaches bad at both ends of the islands at the same time so if one is bad thew other end of the island is usually good.

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