B permit Sanibel beach parking

B permit

There are a number of beach parking areas that are reserved only to A/B permits. While most will not be able to purchase an A permit (see here) a B permit may be purchased at the Sanibel Recreational Center during working hours. The cost of this permit is $124.00 and can be purchased by anyone . If you are visiting Sanibel for more than a day or two, or plan on doing a lot of “beach hopping”, this might be a good purchase. While it sounds expensive initially, the $5.00 an hour can add up quick!  It not only opens up the following A/B permit beaches for you but also allows you to park at the following public lots without having to pay. Please note—this is not ALL of the Public Lots, just the ones you can park at with a B permit for free. To see all the public lots go here – Public Lots

Permit Only Lots:
Bailey Rd
Dixie Beach Blvd.
Beach Rd
Nerita St
Donax St
Fulgur St.

Public Pay Lots (but free with B permit)
Blind Pass
Bowmans Beach
Tarpon Bay