Sanibel Island Causeway Beach

Sanibel Island Causeway beach

Review-The Sanibel Island Causeway beaches can be a great spot to spend the day.  The best part about the causeway is it is the only place to go to a beach on (near) Sanibel and park for free!  With great fishing and wonderful sunrises and sunsets it can get crowded especially on weekends.  Grills and picnic tables are also around if you get there early enough to “claim” them.  Shelling here is not great but it is not like you will not find any shells.  Usually the seashells found here are the smaller ones.  Just about any species of fish can be caught here since the bay is on one side and the Gulf of Mexico opens on the other side.

Parking– I guess you could say unlimited however if you ever try and go on a holiday weekend you will learn that “unlimited” can really fill up fast.  People will be parked everywhere along the sides of the road.

Restrooms– One on each side of the road on island closest to Sanibel

INSIDER TIP–Be aware, even though the Causeway is not part of Sanibel’s jurisdiction, the Florida Fish and Wildlife offices regularly come and inspect for fishing licenses and regulations.  Make sure you know all the rules about fishing here