GulfSide City Park (Algiers) Sanibel

Sanibel Gulf Side City Park (Algiers) beach

Review- Gulf side City beach, also known as Algiers beach,  is a hidden gem on Sanibel.  Located in the middle of the island and not on any main roads it does not get quite as crowded as some of the others.  With some great areas of shade and picnic tables and grills, it is a great spot to spend the day.  On low tides there often is a sandbar that is exposed where many live seashells can be found.  Remember live shelling is prohibited on the island but it is neat to see the animals that created them.  If shelling is your thing, this is the beach for you.  Large parking lot and restrooms with outdoor showers.

INSIDER TIP-The Sanibel historic cemetery is located down a trail from this area.   Heading toward the beach down Algiers Rd. you will see a side trail that leads into a wooded area.  Follow this to the cemetery.