Shelling Sanibel Island Florida

Sanibel Island Florida is known around the world for its wonderful beaches to walk along and gather seashells.  This section will help get you ready for your trip but answering some of the most asked questions about shelling on Sanibel.  From how seashells are formed to the current laws in place on gathering them.  Looking to know when is best time or how to clean your seashells, this is the spot

About seashells and their formation

Sanibel Islands shelling laws

Why Sanibel is so good for shelling

When is the best time to go shelling on Sanibel

Where is the best place to go shelling on Sanibel

How to clean your seashells

Seashell Identification guide

Tips and hints for shelling on Sanibel

Sanibel Seashell collection

Sanibel Seashell collection